Prisons and Secure Areas

Mobile Phone and RF Control Systems : Proven Track Record


CellAntenna has the solution to control illegal mobile phone use by inmates in correctional facilities. With more than 20 years of experience, we apply our experience and engineering to design and implement a system to meet your budgets. We offer both active and passive solutions, operating to limit access by inmates and non authorized users to commercial 2G 3G 4G and 5G systems.


• Active and Passive Systems
• Full engineered Distributed Antenna System for full facility coverage
• 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G and WIFI capability
• Jamming
• Managed Access
• IMSI Catching

We have the solution to meet your requirements

IMSI Catching

IMSI Catching is a cost effective smart solution creating an RF environment forcing mobile phones to provide their identification information. A vetted list of mobile phones found in the facility is given to cellular service providers to disconnect phones found inside the facility. The solution can be a permanent installation, temporary or portable solutions that can fit any budget.


Applicable to those areas where no phone access is required and rural type of facilities. We supply integrated amplification systems together with antenna systems to limit power levels and control the signals. The system is surgical affecting only those phones inside the facility.

Managed Access

Only used when cell phone access is required by authorized staff or guests within a facility or when emergency access is required by law. The System disallows cell phone access to the cellular towers in the area, while allowing some to have access. Routing all cell phones to a honey pot or a beacon connected to the local PBX system. All calls made go to the facility switchboard for routing.

Cell Phone Control Service as a UTILITY

This utility type of solution provides a cost effective system installed based on monthly payment limiting your CapEx ( Capital Expenditure ). Similar to our bespoke systems, we engineer, install and implement any of our solutions. Further, Technology Refresh capability that allows for incremental costs allowing the system to remain current with future locally deployed technology.

Guardian Service – A unique concept in mobile phone control


CellAntenna has developed the Guardian Service as their most recent contribution to the battle to defeat the use of illegal cell phones in correctional facilities.

Like pest control, this unique cell phone interdiction solution is a service where CellAntenna’s technicians come on site on a regular basis for 2-3 days to unobtrusively detect and document contraband handsets in use inside of a correctional facility

The Guardian Service Captures Important Mobile Handset Information:

·Time/Date Stamp Cellular service provider Handset serial number
·SIM card serial number (IMSI)
·Number of detections per service visit
·Set make and model information

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