Hot-Swappable LiPo Battery Pack for Extended Operational Missions

Key Features:

480 Watt Hours of available power

Supports Two “Ryobi” or equivalent 40 Volt LiPo Batteries

Zero Delay automatic transfer from one battery to the other

Voltage Indicator

Switchable Light and Sound Indicators Ruggedized Pelican Case


System Description

The CA-HSBP-40V is a portable battery pack designed specifically to support mission critical applications. Using OTS off the shelf RYOBI 40-Volt lithium-ion 6Ah high-capacity batteries provides 480 Watt hours of energy.

The operation of the system provides for 1 battery discharging while the other one remains on standby until end of life. Automatic transfer without delay time provides continuous power while swapping out depleted battery thereby extending mission time.

The system comes complete with a digital voltage indicator along with light and sound indicators which inform the user that a hot-swap is necessary. These indicators are controlled by a rotary switch which provides 5 logic states (Off, No Alarm, Light, Sound, Light and Sound).

The entire system is confined within a portable ruggedized pelican case to suit a variety of operations.

Technical SpecificationCA-HSBP-40V
Power Availability480 Watts @ 12-36 Volts
Power SourceRYOBI 40-Volt lithium-ion 6Ah high-capacity battery ( or equivalent)
Battery SlotsTwo Slots (Hot Swappable
Output Connector Type277-11016-ND / OR Custom
Voltage Display3 Digit Mini LED Meter
Undervoltage IndicatorSound and Light (Adjustable Thresholds)
Indicator Modes Five Total: Off, No Alarm, Light, Sound, Light and Sound                                                           
Dimensions15.8” x 12.1” x 6.8”
Weight12 lbs with Batteries ( Approx.)
EnclosurePlastic Case
Operating Temp.-20°C to 50°C